Thursday, 3 March 2011

Emmanuel Grace Gospel Church-india

Welcome message from Pastor VIJAY.K.K

Emmanuel Grace Gospel Church Invites you to visit/Join us. We are a Ministry that is Bible Based and family focused. At EGGC we have a wide variety of Ministries Desinged for all Ages. We are a Church with Passion of fulfilling our LORD’S commission of seeing others come to faith in Jesus Christ and teaching them to walk with God. We Love to fellowship together as Believers and it si our passion to bring Glory to God alone by seeing others come to saving faith in the one and only saviour Jesus Christ.

What’s unique about Emmanuel Grace Gospel Church?
Biblical, straight forword preaching and teaching and teaching of God’s word.
A body of believers who strive for holy living.
People who are actively involved in the work of the ministry, laboring for the cause of Christ.
An exciting youth group where the teens are a vital part of the church ministry.
Schedule of Services:
Worship service Jodimetla Sunday 09:00 a.m. (Telugu, English)
Kid’s Jodimetla Sunday 03:00 p.m. (Telugu, English
Bible study Samsukruthi town ship Sunday 06:00 p.m. (English)
Worship service Chengicherla Sunday 01:30 p.m. (Telugu)

Public ministry, prayer meetings, tract distributing and other function of a Bible –believing church are held throughout the week.
Be sure to call 9701189635 for details of all church events.

What you will notice about as we trust you will be made to feel welcome when you first come to to visit. At the same time, we do not call upon or publicly identify our visitors. We want them to feel a part of the group not singled out or embarrassed by a great deal of attention.
There are many different ways to praise Lord in music and in song. We have chosen to use the congregationl singing of singing of traditional hymns, played and sung in a conservative fashion. It is our belief that this style of music allows for greater participation by men and women of all ages and lends itself to more rapid memorization of the lyrics, and their ability to teach Biblical truth to the singer is another important reason why we use this style of music. You will soon notice our emphasis is on the Bible. Whether you hear the Pastor, one of our gifted members, or a guest speaker, there will be a consistent and faithful presentation of what the Bible says. Every effort will be made to help you understand the words of the Lord and to encourage you to apply their truths to your day to day life. After our meetings formally close, it is not unusual for people to linger for hours, enjoying the company of true friends. Life-long relationships are made and strengthened in these after-church fellowship sessions. At Clarion Call Baptist Church we do not take up offerings. We have a box near the exit door into which people place their gifts (Your offering and GOD tithe). We do not even mention that it is there. Visitors and new comers have to ask how they may contribute. We do not covet your money.

Directions for those coming form

Jodimetla: (1). From Sec-bad (Chilakalaguda X Road) Bus no 280. (2). Get down at jodimetla bus stop. (3). From their take right turn and come to Swarnagiri Colany (Chowdariguda)

Samsukruthi town ship: From Sec-bad Bus no, 280. (Next stop from Jodimetla).

Chengicherla : From Sec-bad Bus no 18c, Uppal Bus stop Bus no 115c, 18c,71c.

COTACT: Mobile-9701189635 Email:
Web (or) Clarion

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